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Water-Borne Traffic Paint

Water-borne traffic paints are a type of paint used in the marking of roads, parking lots, and other areas. These paints contain binders, pigments, and other additives to ensure that the paint is durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant. Water-borne traffic paints are typically applied with a sprayer, roller, or brush but should generally be used in warmer environments.

Low VOC and High VOC, Solvent/Alkyd Based Traffic Paint

The amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the major distinction between high and low VOC alkyd traffic paints. High VOC alkyd traffic paints remain longer and generate more VOCs, which can affect the environment. Low-VOC alkyd traffic paints are better for the environment but may not last as long. Thus, Ontario limits high-VOC paints from November 1 to April 31.

MMA/Cold Plastic Durable

Classified as a “durable” by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, cold-plastics are a field-activated, two part polymer also known as known as MMA or methyl methacrylate. This method of pavement marking lasts considerably longer than water-borne and solvent based paint applications under heavy traffic, has better reflectivity, as well as a raised contour that allows a driver to feel the line under their tiers as well as see it. 

Existing Marking Obliteration/Removal

Pavement marking obliteration is the process of removing existing markings from a surface. The best method of obliteration depends on the kind marking applied and the surface on which it was applied. It is typically used to replace worn or faded markings, or to update the existing markings to reflect changes in the roadway or to meet new standards. We achieve pavement marking obliteration through machine grinding, soda blasting and water blasting.

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