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Indoor Line Painting & Pavement Markings

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Our area marking systems use the latest technologies in high-visibility reflective paint for improved safety and traffic flow. Our experienced professionals provide installation, and maintenance services, as well as competitive pricing and a product warranty. 

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Parking Lot Striping

Precision Markings’ parking lot striping team is trained to meet the needs of every customer. Our experienced employees utilize only the best paints and supplies to create a flawless finish. We guarantee satisfaction and provide competitive pricing. Look no farther for a professional and reliable striping service! 

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings help pedestrians, cyclists, and transit vehicles move safely and efficiently. Precision understands that city planning relies on a variety of symbols and colours to indicate road use and is very experienced with the Ontario government’s road safety laws and standards.

Facility Safety Lines

Floor line striping and markings help employees stay focused by directing traffic, warning of hazards, and guiding their activities. Color-coding improves workflow, reduces errors, and maximises space by designating space for raw materials, components, equipment, and finished goods.

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